Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I got nuthin'

So, obviously I haven't written anything here for quite a while. And it hasn't been because I don't want to. Or I forgot about it. It's just this plain, simple fact: I've been digging deep to unearth any recent fertility musings and guess what? I got nuthin'.

Rather than bore you with the other mundane facts of my life, I've stayed mum. But I've still been lurking here and there. And I'm glad to report that most of you aren't as boring as I am.

I guess if you put a gun to my head and said "spill it, Wannabemommy!!" I'd have to tell you about the book I just finished, Making Babies. Most people might think I'm into porn from the sound of the tawdry title, but I know you guys get me. This one was co-written by an acupuncturist and renowned reproductive endocrinologist. Even though I can appreciate the balanced point of view, I was pretty sure there wasn't anything new for this ole veteran to learn. Well, I was wrong. Take for instance their advice to douche before luv-making. (Good God, I said douche.) Seems that some women harbor a slightly acidic environment in their lady-parts, and douching with an alkaline solution of baking soda and water might be enough to shift them over to the baby-friendly side. Stranger things have happened. 

All this got me thinking about my own pH balance. I've read before how some doctors believe that over-acidity is at the root of all disease, and that if we can just achieve optimal pH balance, we'd be completely healthy (and fertile?). So last night I ran to the store and bought some litmus paper. Since then, I've turned my body into a living science experiment, constantly spitting and peeing on the stuff. (I guess I never got enough of 8th grade biology class). The verdict? My own pH level runs anywhere from a horrid 5.5 to a healthy 7.5, depending on the breeze, I guess. Once, I got creative and actually peed and spit on the stuff at the exact same time. The two results were about a point apart. I'm either completely mad or on the verge of a major scientific breakthrough.

So that's my boring, slightly insane life lately. Bet you're sorry you put that gun to my head, aren't ya?


Circus Princess said...

That, my dear, is as far from boring as it gets. LOL! The litmus paper story is hilarious and any scientific conclusions are much awaited :)

Anonymous said...

If you're boring, then I'm a blank wall people stare at when they have insomnia and they're trying to sleep. WTF, did I just say? I don't even know if that makes sense.

Enough about me!

I think you may be on verge of a breakthrough. Seriously. I read some scientificky stuff about pH balances. You know clinical proof and all so your detective work just may pay off.

Here's another thing I saw that may prove eye-opening for you (same kind of idea and you may already have seen this or know of it): Sugar: The Bitter Truth .

Anyway, keep on keeping on! Don't give up! Tomorrow is another day! The answer is right around the corner! There's always another pH stick to pee on!

Again, I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about so you can stop listening. Bottom line is I love you and know you will find the answer.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you're creative at entertaining yourself! :)

-SPW said...

Hey, I would probably do the same thing!!!

It can't hurt to see if you can get 'balanced' right???

great post!!!!

p.s. is 5.5 basic or acidic??? I guess I could google it - but Im already here so I am asking!!!

Kathryn said...

I've been lurking & hardly posting or commenting either. (Too?)

But always interested in what you have to share. I am interested in trying to eat what will encourage a more alkaline Ph, but fall thru on it.

Sending you hugs. I think this time of year can be hard.

womb for improvement said...

Douche? No. Surely no!

I'm of the opinion that there has to be a limit. And for me, that limit is douching!

Jem said...

I have that same book on my night stand. It kinda made me feel pathetic for jumping in and doing IVF so quickly.

I do like the idea that there are other options out there.

I too have heard about that pH stuff. Seems meat and sodas and fried food are all acidic. etc, etc. I too have peed and spit on strips of paper. I too got inconsistent results and gave up caring.

I wonder if there is really some truth in all of it.


P.S. thanks for your post on my blot!

Dirk said...

The start of your baby's book should be your "lab notes" of these experiments. It will make for an interesting read when your kid hits high school. Good luck with your discoveries.

FET Accompli said...

Sounds like an interesting book - baking soda - it's worth trying!

G.~ said...

Holy crap! What a visual.

I don't know, but that seems like sumthin' to me.

GreenFertility said...


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Waterbishop @ An Older Version said...

You are funny. Lol.
There is nothing boring about spit and pee.

here from the creme.

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Funny - now you got me thinking about my own PH! (better check it out). :)

Now following from Creme because you are NOT boring. (hope you'll follow back - because I am)

Tanya said...

I have read about the PH thing too. Some days I feel like if a book said ride a unicycle before sex and then stand on your head afterwards I probably would. Other days I think f*** this sh** give me a glass of wine and the last series of West Wing and might work just as well.
Good with balancing the PH!

Esperanza said...

Hmmm - I've read so many TCM fertility books but I've never heard of acidity being a part of it, though I do think the TCM books speak of balancing kinds of foods so maybe that is what they are talking about (or maybe I'm just not remembering correctly). I have to say, reading your post I'm curious to go to the store and buy some of those tests myself and see how I stand up to the litmus challenge. Thanks for the idea!

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Kristin said...

lol the imagery of you figuring out how to pee and spit at the same time made me laugh so hard today. And I really needed a laugh! :) So thank you much!