Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sorry and yes, I'm still alive.

Seven months is an awful long time to let a blog collect dust. I literally had to claw my way thru the muck to find it, buried deep beneath a huge pile of illegible 1s and 0s. I started this thing 2 years ago with the best intentions, but like many things in my life, it eventually got neglected. Sometimes it's the same way with TTC. I'll go months where I'm all about the healthy living, acupuncture, and prenatal vitamins. Then I'll get so discouraged and just say to-hell-with-it-all and break open the nearest bottle of tequila. Such has been my margarita-marinated summer.

But it hasn't been all parties and rock salt. You see, our goal for the past several months has been to raise money for the Last Bastion of ART: the donor egg cycle. This alone has taken much discipline, patience, and heartache, considering we needed to save $30,000. Let me repeat that figure for those of you out there cuddling your free babies: thirty-thousand dollars. Our child isn't even a zygote in a petrie dish yet and we've already spent his first year's college tuition.

But please don't let me get all caught up in my pitty-party, because we all know that is a slippery slope and I'm wearing banana peels for shoes. **INSERT DEEP CLEANSING BREATH HERE**.

Instead, I'd like to elaborate on how exciting this process is for me. For the first time in 6 years, I feel like getting pregnant is actually a true possibility, instead of just a far-off pipe dream. My donor is picked. I'm on birth control pills, and our cycles are coordinating across state lines. My RE actually asked me which hospital I'd like to deliver in. As in a baby. She says I've got to start thinking about these things because SOON I WILL BE PREGNANT.

It's time to dust off the ole optimism and leave the neglect for the tequila shooters.


Circus Princess said...

This is super exciting news and I'm happy to see you back:) Hope to get to follow along your journey!

Random Chick said...

Whoa! That is amazing. I'm chanting, burning incense, praying, doing Hail Mary's, and crossing everything I've got that it will be a smooth process for you guys. You've been through so much already.

Maybe we can do some kind of event for you guys to raise the money? Maybe even crank up the old band? Eh? We've got the butts and boobs to do it! You know it!!!


Kathryn said...

Oh, blessings dear. Praying for a good outcome & a BABY! :)

Melissa G said...

HOLY CRAP! How did I miss this post?!?!

Congratulations!!! That is fantastic news! Can't wait to read about your bfp!

Welcome back!

(sorry for over punctuating)

Anonymous said...

That's WONDERFUL! Very exciting news. Drink in all that optimism and hope, girl! Drink it in! :)

Jem said...

Answering your question on my blog. yes, Dr. Z is Dr. Zouves.

Care to share why you no longer use him?

Feel free to email me at ambivalent.womb@

Jem said...

Oh, and one more thing... fingers totally crossed for your DE cycle! How exciting for you!

Anonymous said...

I conceived my baby using donor eggs - it was an absolute miracle. We got knocked up on the first try. I'm thinking good thoughts for you! Get ready for your new life because this really works!!

Autism Mom Rising said...

This is very good news. Hopefully a few ICWLs later I'll come back and get to read all about your pregnancy.

I hope you keep writing. You are really good at it.

Ashley said...

I'm glad you are filling positive and excited, I really hope this works out for you! It's hard not to do a pity party when thinking of this stuff, especially the money. GOOD LUCK! **Happy ICLW**

Anonymous said...

Here from ICLW :) Congratulations on being so close to your next cycle! Sending you prayers and sticky baby dust for this one. Best wishes!

MoonNStarMommy said...

Yay for exciting news!! Good luck and stay positive! And in think Random Chick has the right idea....Happy ICLW