Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miracle Pregancy?

Now, now... don't let the title of this post get you too excited. I'm still the same Wannabe Mommy (emphasis on the wannabe part). But a few weeks ago a funny thing happened to me on the way to the acupuncturist...

My last 3 cycles were ovulation-less (those white-coated types call this "annovulation"). Talk about a waste of a good period. As someone who's tried long and hard to get preggars, my ovulation was the one thing I could count on month after month. The rest of my cycle was another story. Irregular spotting. Unbalanced hormone levels. 18 day periods. Nothing about my period was normal except for my ovulation. Then one day it stopped.

But of course, I diligently kept going to my acupuncturist hoping to get back on track. And on one particular visit on cycle day 22, after feeling my pulse, my acupuncturist gets this funny spark in her eye. She checks the box on her intake form next to "slippery pulse". Next thing I know, her whole office is asking to palpate my wrists. I questioned one of the younger new interns what this was all about. "I've never felt a pregnant pulse before," she blurts out. A whaaat?? Were these people talking about me? I may not be a bio physicist, but I'm pretty sure you need to ovulate in order to get pregnant. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Did I ovulate and just miss it? Is this the miracle pregnancy I've been waiting for?

I have to admit, the feeling that they could possibly be right was intoxicating. Having all the assistants dote over me made me feel like a fertility rock star. I wasn't sure how to react. So as usual, I played it cool and tried not to get my hopes up. Time would tell.

The next 3 days it was hard to focus on anything but my "miracle pregnancy". My sister, nephew, and mom were in town at the time, and trying to act normal was next to impossible. Wouldn't it be great to be able to tell them the happy news in person? To share their laughs and squeals at home? To hand my husband a pee stick with 2 pink lines for his birthday?

Alas, the fantasy was not meant to last. Fast forward 3 days, and old Aunt Flo barges in to ruin the fun. *SIGH* Back to square one again.

Moral of the story: don't ignore the facts, no matter how enticing it is to do just that. I did not ovulate, and yes, turns out it is impossible to get pregnant without that pesky little egg. At least it was a refreshing change to feel real hope, if only for a nanosecond.

I'll say one thing for that cycle, it was anything but boring.


Anonymous said...

Okay, for someone who says they aren't a writer...you are damn good. You had me reading faster than an old lady reading a letter from the Clearing House Sweepstakes people! I wonder what the deal was with all those acupuncturists and your pulse? How weird is that? You know, they are RARELY ever wrong...

So how are you feeling now? Deflated? Confused? Hopeful? Freaked out? I hope this incident doesn't make it harder for you, but does in fact give you hope. Hope is the foundation for miracles.

Here's hoping you have another Miracle Pregnancy!!!!


Awake In Rochester said...

Wow, that must of been odd. All those people feeling your wrist, and saying your pregnant.

WannabeMommy said...

yes, yes, weird indeed. But honestly, it happened once before with a different acupuncturist. Guess it goes with the territory when you partake in something that's more of an art than a true science.

Posh Totty said...

Awww i feel your disapointment, having been thru all this myself I know the deep heartbreak that lays deep inside months after months when that ugly aunt flo arives on her red horse. I wish you all the best and will be keeping everything crossed for you that your miracle will happen sometime soon.
Loads a love
Posh Totty Xxx