Friday, December 3, 2010

Maybe a female anatomy lesson is in order?

The nurse at my R.E.'s office is a moron. (Her Kate Gosselin reverse mullet should have clued me in, but I try not to judge people based on their hairdos). Anyway, correction: I do NOT have 48 embryos. What she meant to say was that my donor gave up 48 mature FOLLICLES. 

You'd think maybe a nurse at a fertility clinic would know the difference... MAYBE??

Anyhow, I'm not gonna hate on her for that because even still, we now have 30 EMBRYOS. According to my new calculations that works out to a thousand bucks per embryo. Still a bargain, right?

Transfer most likely to happen Tuesday. This weekend I plan to do as little as possible; lounge around a lot in sweats, take the dog for his last major run with his momma, get a bikini wax in preparation for the big show, and think peaceful, fertile, zen-like thoughts. 


My Vegas said...

um, yeah, that's a huge mix-up. Nevertheless, 30 is great! Wax up, little lady. Get ready for your baby!!

Circus Princess said...

She needs to be slapped, but OMG 30 embryos!?! That's fan-freakin'-tastic!!!

A. said...

The nurse sounds like an idiot, but that's still an amazing report! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes the bikini wax for all to see - don't forget the pedicure!

Melissa G said...

Ugh, that is so frustrating!

Been a while since your last update... thinking of you!